Learn to Fly!

Attitude4Altitude firmly believes that under careful instruction, backed by proven theory, the impossible becomes possible for those who have the desire to learn how to fly. With two experienced instructors we know we can guide you safely through your course.

Our practical flying days are always closely followed by classroom theory lectures. All of the equipment we supply for your early days of training is certified flight training equipment and is regularly tested and checked by us.

We pride ourselves in being one of the few ‘mountain launch’ schools left in the Gauteng Province. What this means is that we predominantly teach you to fly the way we learnt to fly… off a mountain top. Once you have a solid understanding of canopy control and a good few flights under your belt we introduce you to winch launch techniques.

What makes us unique?


Our instructors have gone above and beyond the norm to accumulate their knowledge of flying. Tracey has a solid foundation in aviation having held a fixed wing PPL before obtaining her paragliding instructors ratings. Adam is an aeronautical engineer, and has years of experience flying sailplanes, powered paragliders and tandem paragliders. Our lectures are classroom based where you will enjoy purpose built presentations that will keep you interested. By the time you have completed your course with us, you will have a solid theoretical base from which you can learn to spread your wings and enjoy your flying adventures to come to their full extent and in safety.


We put your safety first. We will never compromise on equipment, weather judgement or theory lessons. You are in the hands of pilots that love what they do, do what they love and have been doing so for over 25 years apiece. We don’t believe in clocking flights in numbers, rather in logging flights based on quality time spent in the air. You will also not be pushed into the air by any of our instructors. We firmly believe that you have to be in control of your wing at all times and the sooner you learn to launch and control your own with the better your flying experience will be.

Real Flying Training

We are a Mountain Flying School. We like to fly mountains. But mountain flying requires commitment, it is in reality a lifestyle change! To succeed and grow, you have to be 100% committed to making the effort to attend our regular fly-aways in order to remain safe as well as complete your licence in the 6 month period allotted to your training. We supplement our mountain launch flying with the occasional day at the winch park when the weekend conditions do not look to favour any of our training mountain sites. At the winch park, you are towed into the air by means of a pay-out winch from which you release to enjoy the gentle glide back down.